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Personal Chef during a pandemic? Now more than ever!

Hello foodies, I thought it was time to take a position in this total mess of our times. Accordingly with the current government guidelines in Scotland, we can now come to you and bring the restaurant into your own home again.

WHY should you hire me instead of going to a restaurant? Well, it would probably easier to tell you why not, but I’m going to give it a try. In these unprecedented times, reducing contacts with people to the minimum is essential and vital, especially if you have someone considered high risk within your guests. I know you might have been shut in your own home for long and you think you’d prefer to go out, but we promise we will bring a full restaurant experience without the risks. Also there is no need to call a taxi if you wish to a drink or two. The kids could be tucked in their beds while you eat and there is no need to hire a babysitter.

But, if you never hired a personal chef, do you know what happens when we get there? Here is a quick Q&A for you.

WHAT’S THE CHEF DOING IN MY KITCHEN? That will be what we call in hospitality; “the mise en place”, so we will be preparing all the elements that go on the plates. Most of the times we start that in our commercial kitchen. This is because sometimes the unexpected may happen. An oven malfunction, an accident on the road… My aim is always to be ready to serve the starters within 15 minutes of my arrival if necessary. I’m a feeder, I don’t like people to be hungry! I’m very good at thinking on my feet. I’ve adapted my prep to the most improbable situations, from frying quails eggs in a conference room, to having to cook scallops on a roasting tray because the AGA wasn’t hot enough.

You might see us opening all drawers and cupboards. We are looking for something we need for the service, please don’t think we being nosey.

CAN I ACCESS MY KITCHEN WHEN THE CHEF IS IN? Absolutely yes! Although we are working there, we are guests in your home. There are, though, some general rules that you should follow. If you hear: “BEHIND!”, just freeze! We are carrying something sharp or hot behind you and we don’t want to bump and make a mess or injure anyone. Also, we are quite likely to use all surfaces possible, so please, don't leave anything on chopping boards, sinks and counters. This is because we clean and sanitise everything before starting.

COVID UPDATE: we are increasing even more all safety measures, so please, only come into the kitchen when strictly necessary and keep social distance. It’s important that myself and all our chefs safe, so we can keep everyone safe.

CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, CUTLERY… WHO’S PROVIDING WHAT? The answer to this is you. From experience, I thought it’s important I’d be specific about what we require. If you are having a 3 course meal, I would ideally have 3 plates per person. If this is not possible, at least 2. Please don’t buy more if you don’t have them, but let us know when you book. I would be more than happy to bring some with me. The reason for it, it’s because sometimes we start plating some elements of the following course while you are still eating, so we need the spare plates. Desserts especially tend to require a long time to plate up.

SET UP OR FRENCH POSH WAY “MISE EN PLACE” If you have arranged a waiter, they will take care of it. Please organise everything you want to use on the night on the table and we will do the rest. If you didn’t arrange staff, I’d kindly ask you to set up the table with cutlery and glassware and leave the plates in the kitchen. All courses will be plated up unless you asked for sharing boards.

10 MINUTES HEADS UP. We will always try to start service when it was agreed, but if we are running late, we will let you know. Anyway, we always give you a 10 minutes heads up. This is to give you the time to sit down with your guests, get the first round of drinks poured and get ready for your meal to come.

IT’S SERVICE TIME! NOW WHAT? If the party is smaller than 12 people, I’m quite likely to do it myself. I might ask for some help when the main courses are served. If the gathering is particularly formal, we can provide highly trained waiting staff. For parties over 12, we highly recommend you hire one member of staff to help keeping things going smooth.

COVID UPDATE: to keep social distance, we would ideally ask to leave a section at the end of table. We will be serving the dishes there, that you will be passing around yourself. If this is not possible, we will be still doing the services usual. We will be wearing a face covering during service.

WASHING UP, TIDYING UP: that’s on us! We will clean, put away everyone we have used, whether you have a dishwasher or not. If you do have a dishwasher, we will use it, so it would be much appreciated if it was emptied before we arrive. We don’t know where you keep everything and I know how annoying it is not to find what you are looking for while you are cooking. My mother in law moves everything all the times she visits and drives me insane!

WHAT DOES THE CHEF NEED TO KNOW? Food allergies to start with. We rarely use nuts as they tend to be the most dangerous of the allergens, but there are many more around, so it’s paramount we get this information accurately and before we enter your home.

COVID UPDATE: if anyone in your party is aware of symptoms, please inform us before we enter your home.

If you think this is what you are looking for, to celebrate something special, or just for an after lockdown treat, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Otherwise he had to our tapas menu for this week, and we will get delivered to you in no time! No fuss, just tasty food!

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