Hi folks, Dave Pryde your Personal Travel Counsellor here from my home in picturesque St Fillans, in Perthshire. I think Chiara’s initiative to offer exciting menus from around the world is fabulous! Who doesn’t enjoy a great meal, especially when it’s carefully prepared with the very best of ingredients?

Which is not unlike a holiday………….and that’s where I can help! I specialise in planning bespoke trips to any and all corners of the globe. This week’s culinary destination of choice by Chiara is Mexico and what a diverse and exciting destination it really is! Whether you are a foodie, a sightseer or a beach lover, Mexico really has it all. Very accessible with direct flights from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester Birmingham or London, three movies and a meal later and you can be descending for the holiday of your dreams!

Home to almost 9 million inhabitants in the main urban district, Mexico City itself is an exciting and vibrant place to start; excellent food can be found everywhere here from the ubiquitous street stalls to the many hole-in-the-wall eateries and more up-market restaurants. You’ll also find huge swathes of parklands to explore, including one of the biggest urban parks on the planet. Slightly south of the city you will find colourful barges trawling the region’s mysterious canal network, all that remains of the lake and water transport system built by the ancient Aztecs.

Sight-seeing opportunities are in abundance in this country. Whilst there are many lost Mayan cities across central and southern America, few are as exciting as Palenque, dating back to 226BC.

In another vein, the music of Mexico is simply mind blowing. From Mariachi to modern rock, Mexico is home to a wealth of their own infectious tunes to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Full of originality, the music of Mexico is a great way to understand their culture. Mexico is also an incredibly colourful country; people here tend to wear bright colours and their houses are all brightly painted with many different styles. The restaurants and cafes are adorned with many varied colours in their walls, tables and chairs, creating a very happy and fun atmosphere all around. And the people are extremely friendly and welcoming!

If beaches and a sea-inspired holiday is more your thing, then this is the destination for you! Located just off the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkelling. The underwater world around here was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1959, he reckoned it is one of the best diving areas in the world and who could argue with his credentials? Surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, and just 8 miles from Cancun, you’ll find Isla Mujeres. This island is a hotspot today, but it also has significance for the region’s cultural heritage. Isla Mujeres, which translates to the island of women, was sacred to the Mayan goddess of childbirth. Today, tourists arrive by ferry from Cancun to relax on the scenic beaches, visit the local turtle farm and to scuba dive or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters away from the Cancun beach crowds.

Cancun is known for its all-inclusive resorts, unparalleled nightlife, shopping and dining, but what really sets it apart is its endless miles of dreamy white sand beaches. Cancun and the area to the south, the Riviera Maya, boasts more than 150 miles of beach. And because the beaches are made of white coral they won’t heat up and burn your feet so, you can leave your flip-flops by the pool!

The best time to visit this amazing country varies according to your itinerary but as a general rule, December to April is hard to beat. So, there you go, plenty food for thought in more ways than one! And don’t bother going online to try to work out where’s best and what to do here – when it comes to holidays, only spiders need the web, best to speak to Dave instead!


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