COCOA-19: BITE BACK! We’re giving away free chocolate for key workers in Scotland!

Wait… did something say free chocolate for key workers?

That’s right! I’m launching a limited edition COCOA-19 chocolate bar, and I want YOU to nominate 100 special key workers to receive it and BITE BACK!!!

On a serious note, I hope you’re all hanging in there, and that you and your loved ones are safe and well. These are such strange and challenging times right now, and we’re all so grateful for your support here at Chef Chiara.

Which is why now is the time for us to give something back to all of you.

Key workers are tirelessly working to keep things going, and care for our most vulnerable, so I wanted to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ - and what better way than to do it with chocolate?

I’ll be giving away 100 free bars of our new chocolate bar, COCOA-19 to your chosen key workers all throughout Scotland.

How to nominate your person

Know someone (or multiple someones) who’s been going above and beyond, and the least they deserve is a sweet treat for their next break?

Let us know on this Facebook post - or use the hashtag #COCOA19 on Instagram. It’s that simple! Oh, and don’t forget to follow us for updates!

We’ll pick the winners, and send out their limited edition COCOA-19 bars ASA-to-the-P, so they can enjoy their free chocolate - and, of course, BITE BACK!!!

Pssst! And if you want your own COCOA-19 bar, there’s also a limited number available through our online shop.

Why I’m doing this

I don’t want to make this post about me, but as some of you may know, when all of this kicked off and COVID-19 lockdown measures came into place, my business was in real trouble.

I lost over £2,000 worth of bookings in just 24 hours, and had to entirely flip my business around. Since then, the support I’ve had from all of you has been absolutely unbelievable.

As I see it, you are the ones who saved my business when I was in trouble, and now I’m giving back in the best way possible - CHOCOLATE!

Finally, stay safe out there!

I know things are especially tough at the moment, and giving out free chocolate to key workers is… well, it’s really small fry compared to what your local heroes are going out and doing every day.

Don’t let their efforts go to waste. It’s so important to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe. Stay inside during lockdown!

Remember, we’ll get through this together.

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