5 reasons why you NEED our personal shopping experience

Updated: Nov 8, 2021


I usually don't write this types of posts, but I am so passionate about this project that I cannot just keep it to myself. The World that we know has changed so much in the past 18 months. Spending habits, socialising, relationships... I feel like not one thing is the same as it was before the pandemic.

Last Christmas it was all about having a bit extra disposable income and treating the family and friends with something that would cheer them up. Most of us shopped online. Most of us started shopping for stocking fillers even before Halloween.

Now, we are back to work, in person. We are spending more money in lunches and transport. We don't have all the time in the world, and when we do, most of the shops are already closed. Now you have a friend that has become vegan, or your "secret Santa" guy from the office has a soy allergy and you are not too sure where to get the goodies that you had in mind. We know our products inside out. We know where they come from, how they are made and we can answer all the questions you might have, so, here we go:

1- We cater for all the modern world's needs, allergies and dietary requirements. From responsibly sourced chocolate to plastic free packaging, we have products the fit the modern trends and the bill.

2- We take the stress out of the shopping experience. Wether you know exactly what you want for your niece, or you just have a budget set for mum & dad, we have your back. Our staff will present you with some options for you to pick from. We will wrap the presents for you, bag them in luxury gift bags and tissue paper. We will write the cards for you. We will deliver the presents to the address you chose, the day you want (it can be your house, the office or your barber if you are having your haircut done at that time:-). We don't have a minimum spend and we will hand deliver for free to 1 address if the general purchase is over £75. This experience is totally free. We will even offer you a cuppa while you take the time to look at what's on the shelves and get some inspiration.

3- We can set an appointment just for yourself, for you and another person, or for your office staff of 50 people. We can open early or stay late for you. Because we are a small independent business, we have the freedom of doing what we and our customers need. I am currently blessed with the best staff you can find out there. My team is proactive, helpful and absolutely determined to give you the best experience possible. They believe in this shop and the products as much as I do and they do have a passion for chocolate!

4- All our products are made with responsibly sourced chocolate. This means that everyone in the chain of production gets paid fairly. This is extremely important to me. The prices reflect this. We believe that our chocolates are reasonably priced but we certainly don't compete with the big brand that charge £2 for an advent calendar (when the box by itself costs already 2/3 of that). Read more about this in our last year's blogpost

5- In a world full of distractions and people interrupting (read phones, emails, other customers....) you will have our full attention until you are done. No queues as you will have a dedicated till.

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